Predator Helios 300 PH315-51 shuts down while gaming

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I recently have a problem with my laptop even if I didn't do anything to it. I can say that I've went easy on it since I got my desktop PC.

This is the model: 
CPU: Intel Core i7 8750H
GPU: GTX 1060

When I go for medium to high gaming (at least the ones that my GTX 1060 considers so) my laptop is shutting down like it is entering in the overheating protection and cuts out the power.
Also after it shuts down, I cannot power it on for like 15 mins or so. I press the power button, it stays on for 4-5 seconds and then goes off. I guess it's because it needs to cool off or something.
After those 15 min, it tries to power on, but first it restarts like 4 or 5 times before actually power on.

More details: In those restart laps, the keyboard is lighting up for 5 seconds and then the laptop goes off like I hold on the power button and it make that "click" sound inside of it (it's a specific sound, the same like when you force kill your laptop from power button holding it) then it restarts.

I made a full repaste, cleaned it and even installed a new Windows 11 (a couple of times now) on it. First time when it occured I had W10 on the laptop, so I don't think that the OS is the problem here.

Also I've heard about one thing that Predator Sense could be the one harming the laptop and making it shut down, but after a clean Windows install I didn't install Predator Sense and it still shuts down.
I need to mention that the only game that I didn't see that happen is League of Legends, I don't know why. 

For now I didn't went to a repair shop as it might be a software issue not a hardware one and want to hear your opinion first. 

P.S.: If any details are needed or my post is incomplete, please tell me in comments as it's my first post here ^^

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  • LoveShadowLoveShadow Member Posts: 3 New User
    Also another important detail maybe: I've set the touchpad in BIOS menu on advanced, to benefit of all perks of the touchpad, and after a random shutdown that I've described above it goes back to Basic, as the BIOS menu is going to default settings. Idk if it's relevant though...
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    Hi LoveShadow,

    The fix for this problem is simple. Clean the dust, check your cooling system and your thermal paste. These steps will lower the temperature and prevent your computer from overheating again. Note: If you're using a laptop, we don't suggest opening the computer as mentioned above. fix for this problem,the computer as mentioned above.
  • LoveShadowLoveShadow Member Posts: 3 New User

    Hey, sorry for delayed reply. As I've stated I've already did that. Please stop making those funny assumptions that people don't try that first, as it is the first thing that comes to probably anybody's mind when a pc/laptop stops running ok. Even my parents suggests that resolution.

    Also I went to two repair shops and they made that too. Even their professional repasting didn't solved it. On the 2nd repair shop they've told me that this is kind of their behavior and for this particular model I have, a lots of customers came by on their shop with same issue. They said that it's probably the cpu or the gpu and if that's the case you can just replace the whole motherboard as I don't think anyone would try and replace the cpu or gpu chip by desoldering.

    So to resume, in my case was just bad luck or maybe those repair shop people doesn't know the issue either but the problem is still the same. A broken laptop in the end. I don't think that acer make bad laptops, but sometimes you just pick the short stick.

    If anyone had a similar issue please tell here.


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