EUN314-51W Kindly inquiring about the solution to this message please.

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currently having a laptop with these specifications
1. a processor ("11th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-1165G7 @ 2.80GHz , GenuineIntel"),
2. a System Model:"Enduro EUN314-51W",
3. "Storage" - "NVMe SAMSUNG MZVLQ1T0HALB-00000",
4. Capablities:"Random Access, Supports Writing, SMART Notification"
What could be the solution to this error message l received as shown in the image below.
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  • BalatekieBalatekie ACE Posts: 1,352 Pioneer


    Information and possible solution for error "At risk (SMART event)" on Intel® RST.

    • Received message showing that SATA SSD connected to a certain controller and a certain port is presenting problems and indicated (SMART event). For example SATA SSD on Controller 0, Port 2: At risk (SMART event)
    • Intel® Optane™ Memory showing error At risk (SMART event)

    The message does not tell the details of the nature of the problem. It only tells that SOME problem has been detected in the SATA SSD/Intel® Optane™ Memory attached to a specific controller and port. The detection system is internal in the SATA SSD or Intel® Optane™ Memory itself, and it is using a standard system called SMART to communicate about the error to the motherboard, which then shows this alert message.

    • For SSD or HDD: Some system manufacturers have included an option in BIOS to test SATA SSD or the SATA SSD's manufacturers usually provides a tool to test and fix SATA SSD.
      • If this error occurs, it is possible to contact the system manufacturer to determine if the BIOS provides a tool to test and fix SATA SSD.
      • It is possible to check errors from Windows*. Follow these steps to check and repair your system disk drives for integrity issues.
    • For Intel® Optane™ Memory do the following:
    1.  Next to the message At risk (SMART event) is a hyperlink in parentheses, Suppress SMART. Clicking this option will disable the Intel® Optane™ Memory.
    2. Once the Intel® Optane™ Memory is disabled access Command Prompt and Clean the Intel® Optane™ Memory.
      1. Open an Administrator Command Prompt. (Right-click on the start menu icon, select Command Prompt (Admin) from the list).
      2. Type diskpart and press Enter.
      3. Type list disk to display a list of your connected storage devices. Here you should be able to see your memory module. Note the disk number.
      4. Type Select Disk # and press Enter. Make sure to adjust to match the disk number displayed for your module.
      5. Type Clean and press Enter. Diskpart will proceed to low-level format your memory module. Once the command completes you may close command prompt.
    3. Reboot the system, access again the Intel® RST and enable the Intel® Optane™ Memory.

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  • JackEJackE ACE Posts: 40,760 Trailblazer
    Shut down machine. Turn it back on and immediately tap F2 key to enter the BIOS menu. Please post a phone photo of BIOS INFORMATION tab if possible.
    Jack E/NJ
  • ShebaSheba Member Posts: 2 New User
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    @JackE That's the image of the BIOS menu

    (Thread was edited to add model name to the title)

  • JackEJackE ACE Posts: 40,760 Trailblazer
    OK. Now please post a phone photo of the BIOS MAIN tab after you have pressed Ctrl+S.
    Jack E/NJ
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