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I bought a year ago a Nitro AN517-52 laptop. I recently upgraded to Windows 11. Before the upgrade, while using the old Killer program, I had no issues and the Smart Access Point functionality worked as far as I reckon. What the Smart AP does, is that it splits traffic between the WiFi and the ethernet. After I upgraded to Windows 11 and installed the new Killer Intelligence center I have noticed that the Smart AP option is grayed out as Not Available. I have tried clean installing the software but this hasn't solved my issue. 

I could have sworn that it used to work with the older version of the program because I remember having it activated and actually seeing the graphs for the WiFi. I have tried re-installing the old version of the program but it just doesn't wanna run on windows 11 and I am not quite sure why -_- I downloaded directly from the Acer Product support page the old driver (Yo, Acer, what the ***** is wrong with you guys and listing updates in product pages? It kinda sucks donkey balls to buy a 1200+ euro laptop and you guys can't even update the driver listings on a page. So much for actual attention to detail, amirite?).

My Ethernet adapter is the E2600 Gigabit Ethernet Controller, the WiFi one is listed as Intel(R) Wi-FI 6 AX201 160MHz. I have tried searching for actual information regarding whether the Smart AP function and how it works but I haven't found anything concrete. I was hoping someone could help me here in the forum.

Thank you very much for your time, and I am hoping someone might be able to shed some light, because Intel and Acer by themselves are tragic. Could write a Greek tragic comedy on the many levels of incompetency regarding information dispersion.

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  • Shamuro
    Shamuro Member Posts: 7


    Oh, and another thing, the xTend also isn't working, something which was working before also.

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