On Predator GD711 and GM712 projectors, is the VRR function available in 4k/60 mode?

kokonuk Member Posts: 2 New User
I know the VRR function is available in 1080p 120hz and 240hz modes. I'd like to know if it's also available in the 4K/60 mode?

For instance, my current television has a max 60hz screen, but does support VRR, so I can play 4K games smoothly in the around 50-60fps range. The types of games I play don't really require high framerates so it's perfect for my use. My GPU can't reach much above 60fps most of the time in 4K, but can do 50-60fps nicely. Without VRR, if the rate drops under 60, vsync drops it to 30fps which is very juddery. So for me, support for VRR at 4K/60 is a deal maker - or breaker.