My Acer Nitro 5 AN515-53 is losing charge only when playing games plugged in

ChrisDawg370 Member Posts: 3 New User
I've had my Acer nitro 5 AN515-53 for about a year and a half it was new when i got it. but my Nitro 5 started to lose charge while playing games recently so i tried to fix the problem with device manger but my nitro still did it. so i replaced my charger. but the problem wasn't solved. so i replaced the nitro's internal battery. but it still loses charge when playing games ive played before with 100% charge now it goes down to 97 with in 1 hour of game play. and i keep up to date with all my drivers updates and GPU updates 

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  • William_mk2
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    I am really sorry for the inconvenience..   Let us do the basic steps first..

    Doing the power drain and bios defaults will really help.  Kindly follow the steps given below:

    Turn off the laptop. Disconnect or unplug the charger cable, devices or any other cables connected to your laptop. Close your laptop. Turn it upside down.  On the bottom of the laptop, you can find a  pin hole. It is a tiny hole. You can a find a battery symbol indicator next to the hole. It is like a + and – sign symbol as though somebody is trying to shift the battery out. Insert the pin on to the hole for 30 seconds. Remove the pin. Flip the laptop. Connect the charger cable, turn on the computer.  Only on laptops where the battery is inbuilt you can find the battery reset hole on the back of laptop.

    If you don’t find a pin hole on the back of laptop then you might be using removable battery. There is no need to unscrew anything to remove the battery.  Turn off the laptop. Disconnect or unplug the charger cable, devices and any other cables connected to your laptop. Close your laptop. Turn it upside down.  On the bottom of the laptop, please look at the top or bottom depending on the way you look at it. You can find a long door. It is a battery removable door.  Just below that you can find a latch.  If you move the latch you can remove the battery door. Once the battery is removed, flip the laptop. Open the top cover, press and hold the power button for 1 minute. Connect the battery back on the back of computer. Connect the charger cable back and then turn on the computer. 
    If you don’t see a reset pin hole on the back of laptop or if you are not able to remove the battery (if it is inbuilt) then please unplug all the cables and devices out of laptop.   Hold the power button for 1 minute.  After releasing the button you should wait a while before plugging in power. Just because the button has been pressed doesn’t bleed off all the residual electricity on the motherboard. Wait 15-30 minutes before plugging in power. Then once power is connected wait for a full battery indication before turning the system on. That allows the battery to fully reset it’s internal statistics.

    Connect all the cables back and restart the computer.  

    While turning on the computer, tap f2. It will go to bios. Press f9 once. It will show load bios defaults with a yes or no popup. Press enter. Popup screen will disappear.  Press f10 once. It will show save changes popup with yes or no. Press enter. Computer will restart and it will load into windows.   
    It might also be the issue with battery, charger or power outlet.   Try to use the charger in a different room on a different power outlet.  Try to bypass the surge protector and connect it directly to power outlet.    Try to use an alternative charger if possible.    Try to turn on the computer without the charger and check it  ( as long as the battery is not drained out )  

    Try windows x 
    go to device manager 
    expand Battery
    right click on all the items below battery – uninstall 
    Restart the computer 
    It should work fine.. 

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    I am not an ACER employee
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  • Qvct
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    100-97 in 1 hour? my acer nitro 5 drains so fast it drains in 33 mins approx, (checked 3 times)
  • I advise checking battery wear with the hwinfo64 program as well.

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  • Easwar
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    edited February 2022
    Hi @ChrisDawg370,

    I think It's normal....and your charger isn't defective. These laptops use more power than the Charger can give. To compensate, it uses power from the battery when gaming. You can find of many people complaining of this issue, which is normal.
  • Wirayuda23
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    Thank you for the advice sir, i have the same issue with @ChrisDawg370 and i try to follow your instructions it does help tho, by disconnecting my battery from the motherboard since my laptop doesnt have pinhole to reset battery then i press power button for 1 minute, put the battery connector to the socket in motherboard, charge it to full without power on the laptop, after it shows the battery is full, i turn back on, goes into the bios, f9 default the settings, and then the problems goes away, before that i really had annoying experience playing games the charger cant charge properly and causing the game stuttering, thank god and thank you, hopefully i can play games peacefully now, i will post the update in the future of yhe problem came back, once again thank you sir

  • Ihave
    Ihave Member Posts: 4 New User

    Hi @Easwar

    Is it possible to change the charger to a higher wattage or do I use a Predator adapter? Then it will solve this problem.

    thanks in advance.

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