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Hi there,

My Acer Predator XB323U sporadically shows a ghost image that superimposes a striped stuck image of a frame regardless of input. After a while fades when the pixels had changing input, that takes quite a while. This is very annoying. As I said, this image occurs regardless of the source, I can unplug any input cable and the screen still shows it on OSD use or when plugged to source again. Turning the monitor off and on again does not fix it.

Does anyone have experience with this issue? Are there any firmware updates?

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    can you take a picture? I would try to connect the XB323U to another device. So you will know, if the error belongs to the computer or monitor.

    You should also try different wires, if the error will still displayed on another computer.

  • AmbientHorst
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    As I said: I can remove all input devices/cables and the ghost image is persistent even in OSD.
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    I have the exact same issue, and I literally can't find an answer to this anywhere. It doesn't happen often but when it does it's really annoying. It's clearly something with the monitor itself since we have the same issue; I checked all my cables and they're fine, and my GPU is firmly in place. Maybe it's some setting that's causing this? I have noticed that it's occurs most regularly when I'm browsing with Google Chrome.