Nitro 5 – FPS drop in Game (WoW TBC Classic)

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Hey guys,

since Windows 11 I have a Problem whith FPS Drop after starting WoW Classic. Right at the start, frames are around 45 and not 60 and never go up.
The only Solution I came up with is to shut the Laptop down, plug off the power cable, plug it in again and boot. After that its working perfect.
When I boot it the next day, I'll have the same problem again.
Some things to mention: I have an external monitor plugged to the laptop. I keep the laptop closed and I start it with wake on lan. I use the external monitor for a second (working) PC. So I switch the HDMI-Cable once a day. (Dont know if that could cause the problem – but if so, it shouldnt cause it neither)

Any Ideas?


  • billsey
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    It's pretty well known that W11 is quite a bit slower with gaming than W10, though they have been doing fixes that help. If it's too big of a hit just switch back to W10 until W11 is a little more polished.
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  • Easwar
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    Try to run your computer in a cool place and check if there is proper airflow available at the bottom of the laptop. If the problem still persists, undervolt the CPU and the GPU. Let me know if Nitrosense did the job, if not, try undervolting. If the problem still persists, undervolt the CPU and the GPU.