Acer Predator Z35P goes to black after starting computer

Danutopik Member Posts: 4 New User

I bought an Acer Predator Z35P on 2019 and I had being using it without issues until some weeks ago.  =)

One day the display went to black screen after login on my windows session. The OSD buttons didn't respond, so the only way  I could just solve it by unplug the power cable, wait a few seconds and then plug it again.

Since that day I have to repeat this process everytime that I turn on the computer. Sometimes it takes just one minute after login and other times it took several minutes, but at some point it goes to black and I have to unplug and then plug again the power cable.

It wasn't very annoying until a pair of weeks ago it got worse and now it goes to black several times during the first 30 minutes after turning on the computer (the period is approximate). SSo each day I have to spend the first half hour of the session unplug and plug the cord power from the display several times...  :/

Luckily, after that first half hour it stabilises and it doesn't go black again, so by the moment that saves me from throwing it to the trash  :#:#:#

That also makes me suspect that it has something to be with the internal display temperature because after that 30 minutes it doesn't goes to black any more during that session. So maybe when certain internal component reaches its working temperature then it works fine. Who knows!

Anyway, I have changed the HDMI cable and also I've tested the display on another PC with the same results... no luck!  :'(

I have no waranty because it expired last year so I can only think about a firmware update to fix it (there are no new firmwares since 2018)  :'(

.........Anybody has another solution?