window 11 nitrosense Nitro AN515-52 i cant download nitrosense

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Hi guys i need help, I had nitrosense on my nitro 5 and now i downloaded window 10 and download window 11 again and now i cant download nitrosense, others work only nitrosense doesnt.

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    Kindly go through the details from the link

    Go to application -  Download and install the nitrosense..     On the drop down below operating system able to see only windows 10 .      Unable to see the drivers and application for windows 11.   So please try to install the nitrosense on windows 11.    If it is not working then you might have to go back to windows 10

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    Hi @BernardYong,

    Reset this PC and keep my files
    1. Shutdown the unit. Press and hold alt+F10 key. Then turn ON the unit.
    2. You will get a blue screen. Choose the option troubleshoot. 

    3 Ways to Reset Acer Laptop to Factory Settings without Password​​

    3. Select Keep my files to refresh your PC and reinstall your operating system without removing your personal files. Click Next to continue. Important If you have apps installed on your PC, they will be removed. 
    4. Resetting the PC will reinstall Windows, change settings back to their factory defaults and remove all preinstalled apps and programs without removing your personal files. Click Reset to continue.
    5. You will be shown the reset progress on the screen. The screen will turn off during the reset process.
    6. The screen will turn back on when it is installing Windows. Your PC will restart several times during the reset process.
    7. Follow the process until it completes.
    8. When your PC has completed the reset process, Windows will have been reset back to its factory default settings without removing your personal files.​

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    @BernardYong download the x64 c++ redistrutable at
    and reinstall nitrosense, it worked for me :)
  • billsey
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    Yes, the VC redistibutables aren't included in the standard Windows 11 install, and the Nitro Sense installer doesn't correctly show them as a prerequisite.
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