SDR Brightness question Predator x28 4k

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Its not very clear what monitors max SDR brightness is as the listings often imply HDR brightness only. I am looking for a monitor w/ at least 350-400 nits SDR max brightness. I can take or leave HDR. 

Specifically im interested in 3 possible monitors.

Predator 4k vision care  Part Number: UM.PX3AA.V01
Predator x28 4k    Part Number: UM.PX0AA.003
Nitro XV2    
Part Number: UM.PX2AA.V03

If anyone could tell me the SDR brightness of all 3 of these that would be great. Please authoritative answers only. Ive looked at all 3 listings and none of them differentiate HDR from SDR. Both are very different and will make or break the experience. I will not buy a hdr 400 monitor if thats the only way i can get 350 nits + of brightness as it will destroy image quality for most things i view. 

If you cannot answer correctly maybe point me in a direction of someone who can. Thanks in advance.

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    I have gone through 2 X28's UM.PX0AA.003. On the box, it shows 300 nits of SDR brightness. However in the menu's, I can enable max brightness and hit 450 nits in SDR mode. I can't game that bright. I use the monitor at 250 nits SDR only for competitive gaming and it's perfect. However, there is a current issue with the EDID information of the monitor being incorrect causing black screen/no signal issues in windows. Hopefully they release a firmware update for the end user to apply.