Predator Helios 700 PH717-71 Thermal Pads and Thermal Paste

LotuzZ1LotuzZ1 Member Posts: 5 New User
Hello, could someone tell me the thickness of the thermal pads that the predator helios 700 has? I've searched and no luck yet. The temperatures of my CPU (Intel i9-9980) at idle reaches 45 - 50 C, and while gaming it goes up to 80-95 C. The RTX 2080 stays at 30-40 C at idle and when I play it goes up to 65 - 70 C, so I am concerned that a change of thermal paste to the processor and change of thermal pads if necessary.

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  • AnhEZ28AnhEZ28 ACE, Member Posts: 2,761 Pathfinder
    @LotuzZ1 you can use 1mm to 1.5mm thermal pad. If those VRAMs has thermal putty that has pinkish color, you don't need to replace it.
    Please remember to include @AnhEZ28 when you want to reply back to my comment so that I can check your response.
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