Acer Predator XB273UNV RGB light Sense Problems

Zimbo Member Posts: 1 New User
Hello together,

i bought a Predator XB273UNV 2 month ago. i wont get the ambient light working.i connected the usb cable.  i installed new monitor drivers, acer display widged and rgb light sense. both programms identify my new screen and show its icon below but when i try to change something nothing happes. besides this the rgb light turned on completly random even without the usb cable connected one day.
i am out of ideas, also there is not much help on the internet or google.
i have also noticed that in my osd the light funktion is called "lightning" besides "ambient light" as in all videos is saw. i can also change the switch to "activate" "deactivate" and "pc".  the "external lightning" option below is gray on "deactivate" and cant be changed.
i am looking forward to get some help here.

best regards