Anybody Removed the Anti-Glare from a Predator XB323UGX?

Bonburner Member Posts: 4 New User

I'm really interested in seeing if the anti-glare layer can be removed on this monitor. I was wondering if anybody has had any success, and how they feel before and after.



  • Sharanji
    Sharanji ACE Posts: 4,327 Pathfinder

    Because some filters also affect the viewing quality. And if you use it in a darker room or have no daylight reflecting from it, then a glossy monitor panel is quite beautiful. The AG coating is a thicker and harder plastic than older monitors. Mostly the perception of black is better.
    This will void your warranty. I would not advise anyone to remove the AG coating on XB323UGX. The coating is not that bad. The end result is not a much better screen like with older monitors with heavier mate coating. 

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