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I'd like to know which is the best Acer laptop for Business Use that I can give to my marketing Team and that has a long battery life.

I will be delighted if you could help me with my response.


  • padgett
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    Depends on what you want. If easiest to carry, one of the 11" devices. If easiest to use for a long time then one of the i5 models with a 17" screen. Do you need a CD/DVD drive ? RJ45 socket ?
    Personally I like a smaller unit with 8 GB DRAM, 500GB SSD, and a docking station with dual monitors.
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    When selecting an Acer laptop for business use, especially for your marketing team, it's important to consider factors such as performance, portability, display quality, and battery life. Below are some Acer laptops that are well-suited for business tasks and offer long battery life:
    Acer ConceptD 7:
    Acer Chromebook Enterprise Spin 13:
    Acer TravelMate P6
    Acer Aspire 5:
    Acer Swift 5 (2021):

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    I would put battery life at the bottom of the wish list, the average user will not get more than 4-5 hours out of any fully charged laptop battery unless you dim the screen to below 120 nits, don't use the internet and don't playback music and videos. Get a laptop capable of Thunderbolt4 USB-C charging with a small 100-Watt charger and consider a laptop power bank like the 100-Watt Baseus Blade that can be charged in a car.

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    Hello, @bluepeterindia
    Here your query answer

    For business use with a focus on long battery life, consider the Acer Swift 5 or Acer TravelMate P6. Both offer good performance and extended battery endurance, making them suitable for your marketing team's needs.

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