Repair My Acer (Customer Self Care) Broken Predator XB27

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My Predator XB271H is white screening no matter what.  I’m out of warranty, but I figured I’d try to get a quote for a repair with their “Repair My Acer” link.  The page just doesn’t work.  The mobile version won’t let you do step 1.  The PC version will only let you do step 1.

You can go horizontal on your phone and do step 1, then go vertical and do steps 3-4, thinking you outsmarted it, but then it tells you the captcha has timed out.

I called about it, but the non local support didn’t understand what I was talking about.

Any ideas?  Keep calling until I get someone that understands?  Open up the monitor and randomly disconnect/connect things?

Thanks :)


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    Well someone moved my message… hopefully that means they read it and will take note that the site needs fixed….
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    Hi @JaBent,

    It looks like hardware issue. Contact acer tech support,

    OR book the unit for repair service,

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    @JaBent, the move was likely a moderator bot. They get the most obvious ones and rely on actual moderators to handle the less obvious. I think 'Easwar' is somewhat of a bot too, but not an official one. :)
    Let me escalate to the moderators and see what they say about the pages. I'm thinking they aren't correctly handling monitors since we're not seeing lots of similar posts for laptops or desktops.
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    Hello @JaBent

    I am sorry for the issues you had requesting a quote,  would you mind sending a private message with  your contact info, I will be happy to escalated it to your local support. 

    Best Regards, 

  • JaBent
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    Ok I sent a message to you.  Thank you!
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