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You bought an acer machine, or you have it since years. Is it slowed down?

I have a solution for you and this can be far better than the old performance guide

1- Basic Settings

If you use an NVIDIA GPU , then go to NVIDIA CONTROL PANEL > MANAGE 3D SETTINGS> GLOBAL OR PROGRAM SETTINGS, and then scroll down for these options
Preffered GPU- Your NVIDIA GPU
Image Sharpening- OFF
OpenGL Rendering GPU- <Your NVIDIA GPU>
Power management Mode- Prefer maximum performance 
Negative LOD Bias- Allow
Textrue filtering Performace- High performance
Trilinear and Threaded Optimization- On
VSync- Off or On, Depends on monitor refresh

If you use Intel GPU Paired with an Intel CPU atleast 6th Gen Or Above
Open Intel Graphics Command Center
Go to Home>Games>Add A Game/App> Click the new window, now scroll down and copy the settings
Anti Aliasing-Off
Anisotropic Filtering- Off
Vsync- Personal Preference, on or off
Texture filtering mode- Performance

Now Go to preferences>Global Settings
Enable Adaptive Tesellation

For AMD Users
Open AMD Radeon Software
Head to global settings
Now Set anti aliasing to application controlled or turn it off
Texture Filtering Quality- High performance
Disable Anisoptropic Filtering
Test Radeon Anti Lag And Radeon Boost yourself

Now Close the window. Open Services by typing in the windows search bar
Find Superfetch or Sysmain 
Double Click on The service and set the startup type to disabled

In acer's website, update all your drivers one by one ( don't download official drivers unless you have an AMD APU )

Open Device Manager By searching on windows search bar
Click the arrow on SYSTEM DEVICES
Find High Presicion Event Timer And disable it

Now, Download Acer Quick Acess, or if you already have preinstalled, open it
If you see modes, set To perfomance mode while gaming, this will increase fan speed and will prevent heat and throttling

Download Asus GPU Tweak II
After installing, restart your PC and open the app
Very Important- Crank the temp limit to atleast 80-97 ( This wont heat your gpu automatically. Acer usually locks this around 67, means if your gpu will cross this temp, you gpu will throttle to its lowest clock, amd gpu's will clock down to 300 mhz and Nvidia to 139, sadly wont work for intel counterparts )

Tell if you still have any issues

Have a great Day