Problem with my Windows 11 update. Acer AN515-44

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edited December 2021 in Windows 11
Hi to all,

After updating my laptop to windows 11 it was working fine for almost two weeks. Later I updated the driver using IOBIT driver booster and after that everything went to hell. My laptop screen was flickering to the point I cannot use it anymore. I tried to factory reset and leaving the files intact, still didn't solved the problem. It even made things worst. My screen suddenly goes into black screen mode. So my last resort is do a factory reset with the option of erasing the files. I already made a backup of all my files. After the reset it was still the same. So I think the problem is the updated driver but I am not sure. Due to all this headache I reformated my laptop using Pop OS. Now it is very stable with no screen flickering. I think Acer should check the driver support for Windows 11. I also advise all users not to update until there is a stable release of the said drivers for Windows 11. Very bad experience by the way!