More of an answer: Installed Win 11 on a Swift 3 and the USB went away.

padgettpadgett ACE Posts: 4,532 Pathfinder
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Turned out loss of the USB drives is a common problem with Win 11 upgrades. Did get a warning that some things might not work but wasn't very specific. USB drives worked at first but then quit: noting in File Explorer and nothing in Diskmgmt.msc.
There is a switch in Power Management (advanced) to enable/disable USB suspense. Both (battery and powered) must be disabled. Then in Device Manager in VIEW tab enable "hidden" than for major USB components (root hubs) in Properties>Power Management uncheck the "allow computer to suspend" box.
Mine now work again. Am creating a "recovery disk' on a 16GB microSD I will tape to the lid.
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