Wifi not showing up - Acer Aspire A715 71g

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Hello, I recently upgraded to Windows 11 and everything seemed fine but suddenly I switched on my laptop today and my wifi disappeared. I tried reseting network setting and even troubleshooting, tried reset in cmd, started some services but nothing seemed to work. The adapter was not even displaying in device manager until I did show hidden devices but still didn’t work. Any sort of help will really be appreciated.

Acer Aspire A715 71g
CPU - i7 7700 hq
GPU - Gtx 1050 ti
RAM -16 GB
Storage - 1tb hdd and 256gb ssd

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  • azzaamekkeri
    azzaamekkeri Member Posts: 23 Troubleshooter
    I have tried system restore too
  • padgett
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    OK first exactly which A715 do you have (model number on back that begins with NH....)
    Second HOW did you install Windows 11 ? (Didn't think 7th gen was approved).
    Third, does the wireless show up in Device Manager ? Qualcomm, Intel, or ???