Acer Predator XB273UNV problems

RussianEscort Member Posts: 5 New User
I got this screen three days ago. First day everything was very good. Second day the screen suddenly start to restart every time I tab out of a game or start a game. Very annoying. And later yesterday I suddenly got som strange flickering or something when gaming. English is not my main language so a bit difficult to explain. The games feels like it has low frames when I have 160+ frames all the time. I looked over the settings, tried to turn off HDR, turn off adaptive sync etc but nothing helps. It's especially noticing when turning slowly in for example BFV, very noticeable in the left and rift corners. I have no clue what the problem is but I already contacted the store I bought it. If I can't fix it I just return it. Can a new display port cable be a solution? I'm using what I got in the case.