New huge fps drop acer nitro an515-54 windows 11

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I use acer nitro an515-54 to be able to play BFV on high and run high 60fps now in all games as soon as I join it will drop all the way to 15 sometimes 10fps. It nvr did this before. I just had a geforce driver update no change. I don't believe I changed anything plz help cuz now I can't play anything!

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    Did your laptop ship with 11? I tried 11 on a virtual machine and there are some kinks in it that still need to be ironed out.
    Revert back to Windows 10 considering that's the original OS on your laptop. Windows 11 came out recently and I am not sure all vendors got their drivers released for 11 for all their models. Even more importantly, the games you play may not have been optimized for 11.
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    Nitro 7 - AN715-51 - user benchmark:
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    I thought about that but I upgraded around a month ago and had no issues gaming wise definitely noticed small bugs elsewhere tho. I've been real busy the last 2 weeks so didn't hardly touch my laptop definitely not for gaming and I had 2 window updates and later that's when I was having issues I'll look into what those 2 updated.
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    Try to run your computer in a cool place and check if there is proper airflow available at the bottom of the laptop. If the problem still persists, undervolt the CPU and the GPU. Let me know if Nitrosense did the job, if not, try undervolting. If the problem still persists, undervolt the CPU and the GPU.
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    A lot of people are seeing drops in gaming performance with Windows 11. As they get the bugs ironed out I expect that to get better. They've sent out a few updates so far, and things are more stable with each update.
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