RGB lights not working on Cestus 350 mouse

RandlePRandleP Member Posts: 2 New User
Hi! Just received my new Predator Cestus 350 Gaming Mouse but the RGB lights are not working. Installed PredatorQuarterMaster and still nothing, but it shows as if it should work. Both wireless and wired. Restarted Windows 10 as well. Any tips or is it broken?

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  • RandlePRandleP Member Posts: 2 New User
    Noob ^. There is a switch on the back, thought I had it on ffs. So nvm :#
  • billseybillsey ACE Posts: 27,725 Trailblazer
    Great to know... I haven't played with one yet but this should help others. Mark your second post as the solution so it'll show up better in searches.
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  • PoodfosionPoodfosion Member Posts: 1 New User
    Hi I have the my mouse RGB not working even if I turn it off and on the switch as well as changing the light color it still wont lit up just got this a few weeks ago

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