Can I update extensa 5230e acer Windows 7 to Windows 10?

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  • Azizur
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    Can I update extensa 5230e acer Windows 7 to Windows 10, 2GB ram to 8Gb ram and 200GB HDD to 1TB HDD
  • billsey
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    Your Extensa 5230E supports a maximum of 4GB of memory, so trying to go to 8GB will not work. You need DDR2 667 MHz memory in an SO-DIMM package to upgrade and you want two 2GB sticks. There is a chance 800MHz memory will work, but it's not in the spec and you would certainly need to have both sticks the same speed. There is no problem with upgrading the HDD to a larger HDD, but I'd choose a SSD instead, the performance increase will be dramatic.
    I believe the laptop originally came with Vista 32bit and an upgrade from Windows 7 32bit to Windows 10 is also going to be 32bit. That limits your access to memory to around 3GB even if 4GB is installed. To attempt a conversion to 64bit requires a full clean install of the OS, so all your apps and data would disappear. Make sure you back up your data before starting on the voyage and have your application install disks handy.
    Over the years I've successfully upgraded many machines form Vista or W7 to W10, so I believe it will be possible with yours. You might reflect though that your machine is over ten years old and moving up to a newer platform will be a bigger boost in performance than anything you can do with this one.
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