Notes on AMD systems & Widows 11

My first Advance Micro Devices thingie was an 8087 add in chip for an 8088 PC and had desktops that way for a looong time. At present have Athelon/AM2, FX/AM3+, and a couple of Ryzen/AM4. Seems that only AM4 socket devices qualify and not all of them. Have one with a Ryzen 3 3200G that qualifies. Looked into replacing a FX with an Athelon 3000G but while is on list, is said not to work. Seems the lowest Ryzen 3 that is both available and qualifies is a 3100. Also have a Swift notebook with an i5 but apparently not an approved one. When I have everything ready will try the magic override since meets every other criteria.

Does seem that Microsoft is adopting the Apple model of planned obsolescence. Have some 2010 Acer notebooks/tablets running Win 10 but seem to have no hope of running Win 11. OTOH an Apollo Lake with 2gb memory is vvvveeeerrrryyy sssslllloooowww. No question that the best upgrade is from a HDD to a SSD particularly with prices for a quality 500GB SSD down in the low $50s.

Bottom line I've found that it is possible to update an older desktop to something compliant with Win 11 for under $200 for a basic machine even though CPU prices have near tripled since 2020. Is this what others are finding ?