Monitor black screen flashes predator xb273k

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Hello everyone I’m having trouble with my Acer predator xb273k. I’ve been using two dp1.4 cables to get 144hz but I recently got the Alienware 360hz monitor so I took out one of the dp cables and am using it for the other monitor. Since I’ve been using one dp for the Acer monitor it has been getting black screen flashes for about half a second every so often. It’s more frequent the more active I am on the monitor and am not sure how to fix this. The black screen flashes happen when I use the Acer monitor with one dp regardless how many other monitors are connected
computer specs
acer monitor: predator Xb273k
Gpu: evga ftw3 3080ti
mobo: asus rog strix b550-f
8k dp cables from Amazon 
I also have the Alienware monitor plugged in and another small monitor that I use for sensor panel via hdmi 


  • Does the same issue occur when changing the resolution and refresh rate?
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    Does the same issue occur when changing the resolution and refresh rate?
    I changed dp cables and it’s working thanks for the response though can a staff lock this thread