QG241YS has HDR?

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I bought the monitor from Walmart and it was stated that it has HDR10 support, but I can't find the way to enable it on Windows 11, also there's no mention of HDR in the monitor's OSD.


  • Leostat
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    In windows 11 you should be able to toggel it by just heading to start -> hdr settings
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  • celleonic
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    I'm having the same issue on Windows 10 with the same monitor from Walmart. Advertised as HDR10, but in windows it states there isn't any HDR. I tried updating the drivers to drivers from Acer, and windows says the driver in use is already the best driver.
  • billsey
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    Acer's specs don't say anything about HDR support, just AMD Freesync and 8-bit color depth.
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