Acer nitro 5 obsidian black 15,6 display 16 GB RAM intel i7 GEFORCE 3060 Rtx Czech Eng

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This is the beginning of exactly how to start and set up this laptop.
Unfortunately, this computer left me today after two months. All data and Windows 11 in the stars. I will see what acer service Brno will do with it. Anyway, all the advice on how to start the laptop to charge to speed up Windows 11 cancel the basic system drive acer. Unfortunately, I have a problem here, I think the laptop's main board is charging, but it won't start. No shutting down, holding the 15 s power button and removing the battery will not help. This is a HW error. I will advise you how to start Windows 11 on this laptop in 5 seconds. When the laptop is operational again. 

​//Edited the content to add model name.   ​

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