Throttlestop not working on windows 11? (PH315-52)

BinBagelBinBagel Member Posts: 31 Troubleshooter
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I'm on windows 11 and i just noticed that throttlestop isn't undervolting at all. values are at 0 no matter how I try to change them. Did windows 11 break undervolting? 

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  • unclewebbunclewebb Member Posts: 22 Networker
    BinBagel said:
    Did windows 11 break undervolting? 
    It is a little broken. Windows 11 has new and improved security. Some Windows 11 virtualization features can interfere with software reading and writing voltage information to Intel CPUs. In Windows Features, disable Virtual Machine Platform and Hyper-V. After you do that, as long as the BIOS has not Locked undervolting, it should work. Delete the ThrottleStop.INI configuration file after you do this and reboot. Some users have reported that the ThrottleStop configuration file might become corrupted when Windows 11 is blocking access to the voltage control register. 

    You used to be able to use WSL2 and undervolt in Windows 10 but this is no longer possible in Windows 11. If you need both WSL2 and undervolting then you will need to go back to using Windows 10.
  • AdhipathiAdhipathi Member Posts: 1 New User
    I had this same issue. Disable Virtualization features from bios then throttlestop will work properly. But keep in mind that you cannot use Android apps or any virutalization software like Virtualbox while doing this.
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