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Acer Iconia B1 screen not rotating!!!!

joeycjoeyc Posts: 4Member

Ok so until today my Acer Iconia B1 has had no problems whatsoever with automatic screen rotation. Now though it is stuck in portrait mode and when I turn the tablet on it's side to make it turn to landscape it does nothing. No matter how many times I adjust the screen orientation settings from lock to automatic it still doesn't do anything.


I have tried a factory reset and this has not sorted the issue either. 


I have checked that the accelerometor is working by downloading an app to test it and it is working fine.


How do I sort this issue out? This is really inconvenient for reading PDF files/browsing the internet and I am really dissappointed that a device that I have had for just over 4 weeks is now having problems like this.


  • ackrantz11ackrantz11 Posts: 2Member

    My Iconia A200 started doing the same thing yesterday out of nowhere.  Not sure why.  No settings were changed, it just stopped rotating.  Anyone have any ideas??

  • lnorth365lnorth365 Posts: 4Member

    Hello ,


    I had the same problem. Problem Solved!!!!!


    page 14 of the user guide which can be downloaded from:


    /en/home/leaving?target=http%3A%2F%2Fglobal-download.acer.com%2FGDFiles%2FDocument%2FUser%2520Manual%2FUser%2520Manual_Acer_1.0_A_A.pdf%3Facerid%3D634928092468937676%26amp%3BStep1%3DTablet%26amp%3BStep2%3DICONIA%2520B%26amp%3BStep3%3DB1-A71%26amp%3BOS%3Da10%26amp%3BLC%3Den%26amp%3BBC%3DAcer%26amp%3BSC%3DAAP_10" class="Popup




    There is a switch/icon in the notification area at the top of the screen which allows you to lock or unlock the rotation.


    i guess it defaults to locked in portrait.


    Larry North


  • joeycjoeyc Posts: 4Member
    Larry I already said in my post that I had done that and it still doesn't work.

    Anyone got any other ideas?
  • timowerstimowers Posts: 3Member

    The following screen rotation setting seems to override (and be indpendant from) the icon in the pull-down area at the top of the screen:


    1. Go into Settings.
    2. Go into Accesability (in the 'System' section)
    3. Check the auto-rotate screen option.



  • engineer44432engineer44432 Posts: 2Member

    brilliant, thank you

  • joeycjoeyc Posts: 4Member

    It turned out my Iconia B1 had an issue with the motherboard. Acer sent a courier to collect it and they repaired it and had it back to me within 5 days.


    I was happy, until I found out that it now has a big scratch on it that wasn't there before (like someone has taken one of those maths compasses you get in school to the back of it).


    According to the UPS guy who collected it this has happened to a lot of Acer products over the years while he has worked for UPS.


    For those looking at these forums doing research before buying an Acer tablet, my advice would be to go with another brand. Acer just aren't worth the hassle and their products are clearly of an inferior quality to many other brands out there (including other budget brands).

  • MartinFMartinF Posts: 51Member

    Sorry to hear of the damage to your tablet Joey, thats not good news at all.

    Could be an honest mistake or the repair tech was having a bad day.. in any case, not acceptable!


    What country are you in?

  • joeycjoeyc Posts: 4Member
    I'm in the UK.
  • MartinFMartinF Posts: 51Member

    Ok cool, you have a PM.



  • bonelyrikzbonelyrikz Posts: 1Member
    Thanx Tim thz wuz very helpful
  • grasshopper1213grasshopper1213 Posts: 1Member

    cant get my screen to auto rotate it stays locked in one position

  • pmalonepmalone Posts: 1Member

    I checked everything people posted and nothing made mine show me any icon for screen rotation.  I had taken pictures and rotated it a lot at one point.  Perhaps it will only do it in picture taking or something.  Any ideas would be nice.


  • Jay1Jay1 Posts: 1Member

    Worked fine for me. thanks

  • cglaze1945cglaze1945 Posts: 1Member

    the screen on my acer stopped rotating only one of my apps will go in landacape possison. can u help?

  • jupiterjoojupiterjoo Posts: 1Member
    Omg! Thanks so much. Why in the world would they put that there? It should be with the settings yes? Thanks again.
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