Can’t activate my windows 10

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Hello! I bought refurbished laptop, model ACER Model No. N19W2
i can’t activate my windows, despite the fact it’s sold with it. ERROR CODE 

 Been working on it for 2 weeks. No support from seller, official dealer. 

Please help me to solve it, as I need to switch off from S mode. 

Thank you


  • Easwar
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    Reset this PC and keep my files
    1. Shutdown the unit. Press and hold alt+F10 key. Then turn ON the unit.
    2. You will get a blue screen. Choose the option troubleshoot. 

    3 Ways to Reset Acer Laptop to Factory Settings without Password​​

    3. Select Keep my files to refresh your PC and reinstall your operating system without removing your personal files. Click Next to continue. Important If you have apps installed on your PC, they will be removed. 
    4. Resetting the PC will reinstall Windows, change settings back to their factory defaults and remove all preinstalled apps and programs without removing your personal files. Click Reset to continue.
    5. You will be shown the reset progress on the screen. The screen will turn off during the reset process.
    6. The screen will turn back on when it is installing Windows. Your PC will restart several times during the reset process.
    7. Follow the process until it completes.
    8. When your PC has completed the reset process, Windows will have been reset back to its factory default settings without removing your personal files.​

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    Thank you. Did it with keeping and deleting files. None worked. Same thing
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    Hi @barclay77,

    It looks like hardware issue. Contact acer tech support,

    OR book the unit for repair service,

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    Before you return try this. Assuming you do not have much data on it, create a Windows 10 Home installer USB and try installing Windows clean out of it. It could be a case of a wrong version of Windows being installed in your case. If that too doesn't pick the windows key, then you could start exploring more longer time taking options.

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    Actually, your best bet is to work with Microsoft on the activation. Likely it was originally owned by a business that had their own licenses. Microsoft will get you fixed up either with a different key or a manual license transfer.
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