Laptop won't get pass the acer screen

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My issue is my acer laptop won't get pass the acer welcome screen. I tried several thing to help with the issue but none worked. I tried several reset, and troubleshooting. But it isn't working. Please help. I attached a picture of my serial number.


  • AnhEZ28
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    Does you laptop stuck in the Acer logo screen or the Windows welcome screen?
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  • Hunter88
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    Acer logo screen
  • Easwar
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    Hi @Hunter88,

    May I know the full model name of your unit.

  • Acer-Erick_Retired
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    Hi @ Hunter88 
    ch​eck if there is a pin 📌hole at the bottom of the unit. Put a small pin inside and press and hold the pin for 30sec.  If there is no pin hole then press the power button for 12sec. Remember to remove your charger when you do that.
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    We really do need to know what laptop you have before we can give more than just general suggestions.
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