Does the Predator X38 provide option for split screen?

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I am going to replace my Samsung dual monitor setup with a single wide screen monitor this week with either an Acer Predator X38 or a Samsung G9.  The choice depends on the answer to my question about split screen. 

The information I find for the G9 states that is split screen capable right out of the box.

However, I find conflicting information for the X38.  If I buy a Predator X38 , will I be able to have a game running in one part of the wide screen and a web page open in another part of the wide screen? 

If yes, is this accomplished with an Acer supplied function or using third party software or using Windows Power Tools?


  • Rip
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    I checked out the link you provided and it appears to provide me another possible Microsoft based solution similar to that used by Windows Power Tools.

    Have you actually used this method with an X38?

    Since I could find no mention of screen splitting or pip on the Acer website, I am assuming that Acer itself does not provide screen splitting options, for instance in their widgets.  Is that correct?

    I don't want to make a $1,600.00 mistake.
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    Hi @ Rip

    1. Click "Start | Control Panel | Appearance and Personalization | Adjust Screen Resolution."
    2. Choose "Extend These Displays" from the Multiple Displays drop-down menu.
    3. Click "OK" to split the desktop between both monitors.

  • Rip
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    I don't have two displays so "extend the display" is not available.  I only have the X38 which does not handle split screen easily.  I can make this monitor display two different programs at the same time but it is not easy and for this reason I would not buy this monitor again.  If you want do have two different programs visible on a large curved screen at the same time look elsewhere.
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    Go the Samsung I say, the X38 has unresolved issues for more than a year now and acer don't give a ***** about fixing it