BIOS/Firmware & Driver

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BIOS/Firmware Do i need to update the BIOS/Firmware or does it do it on its own an the Driver Do i need them as well the reason I'm asking is I had to do a totally Wrip on my Girlfriend HDD due to a huge problem please help...


  • AnhEZ28
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    If you are trying to wipe the HDD, you have to re-install windows and most of drivers will reinstall themselves.
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  • billsey
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    No, just because you wiped the OS doesn't mean you have to update the BIOS. It's still the same as it was before. You might or might not need to manually update some of the drivers after you reinstall the OS. Some are included with the Windows installer, some are not. You can download any that are missing from Acer's support site for your model.
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