How do I need to do in blue screen error.

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I'm trying to fix what ever I can.
But it didn't work. That case happened after updating process. Please give some advice.


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    Sometimes a simple system restore will fix the issue.. 

    Try windows x
    click on power shell admin or command prompt admin 
    type rstrui
    chose an earlier date on which your computer was working fine  
    click on next, finish, yes
    It will restore your computer to an earlier date 
    if you get an message - system restore not completed - click on close 
    It will show you all the icons..

    Try and check whether it is working now ..

    You  can always  do a refresh and reset.   These are steps to do the refresh and reset .. 

    click on start - settings - update and security - recovery - reset this pc - get started 


    on start - type here to search - type reset this pc - click on reset this pc on the top  - click on get started 

    It will show you keep my files and remove every thing

    chose keep my files 
    chose the account - type the password - click on local reinstall - click on reset 
    It will be in progress.. 
    login to computer and start using the computer. 

    If it is still not working 

    click on start - settings - update and security - recovery - reset this pc - get started 
    chose remove everything 
    click on local reinstall - just remove my files - click on reset  - It will be in progress

    If you do refresh ( keep my files ) -  all your personal files like pictures, music , documents , videos  will still be intact.   Only the applications will be lost 


    If you do reset  ( remove everything )  - you are doing a factory default.   It will become like a day one computer.    It will wipe out everything and take your computer to day one like a new computer. 

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    Could you please tell me modern name of device