Problem with Acer Nitro 5 ANA515-57 , RAM cannot run at 3200MHZ?


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  • Sprite71Sprite71 Member Posts: 4 New User
    The fact is that I also have one memory strip, which at a speed of 3200 works at a speed of 2933
  • Sprite71Sprite71 Member Posts: 4 New User
    Inside this mashine is what I mean. The one module DDR4 3200MHz is works at 2933MHz in single mode, and in duale mode too. I've do tried to use Samsung DDR4 8GB 3200MHz, which goes with the laptop, and Kingstone Fury DDR4 16GB 3200MHz, and Kingston Hyper DDR4 16GB 3200MHz in any combinations.
  • Sprite71Sprite71 Member Posts: 4 New User
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    And so. There are Intel 11400H in my laptop, and it supports memory 3200MHz by specification. But it is working only on speed 2933MHz! Activate the function of change speed of RAM in BIOS please!
  • LetvinLetvin Member Posts: 1 New User
    I have the same problem. Judging by the tests - RAM is working on even < 1600 MHz in dual mode and task manager is wrong about 2933MHz. Has anyone tried to contact Acer?
  • MikeKacharMikeKachar Member Posts: 2 New User
    I don't believe I've seen any (or many, at least) comments by Acer Support on this thread.
    I recently purchased an Acer Nitro 5 AN517-54-79L1 model laptop.
    Like others, I am running the newest version of BIOS (v1.11) - It would relieve a lot of headaches & heartache's if Acer would just unlock RAM specs in the BIOS.
    It came with 2 x Samsung 8GB 1Rx8 PC4-3200AA-SA1-11 sticks of RAM.
    I'm looking to upgrade to 32GB.
    I've purchased 2 sticks of 16GB 3200 MHz from Crucial, after using their Detector Tool.
    I'm hoping that, after installing, my speeds will stay @ 3200 MHz.
    I'm not 100% sure, but it sounds like a lot of people are mix-n-matching their RAM sticks - is this the case, or are people actually installing 2 of the same sticks of 3200 MHz, and being down-clocked to 2933 MHz?
    If the previous, then I can understand the reason behind the lower RAM speeds, however, if the latter, I'm hoping that someone can let me know if I should expect to receive the same results of lowered RAM speeds, after installing bigger-sized RAM sticks (of 3200 MHz, and the same manufacturer)?

    I noticed someone mentioning something about mixing RAM that is/is not XMP Certified. Since my Acer (and from what I've seen, most, if not all, other Nitro 5's) are not XMP-compatible, would it be better to get RAM that is NOT XMP Certified, thus ensuring the 3200 speeds remain during size upgrades, or is it better to get XMP Certified, even tho the machine/BIOS is NOT XMP compatible? I'm a bit confused on this part, and some direction would be helpful.

    Again, I really hope Acer either releases RAM mod's in a very-near future BIOS update, or does whatever is necessary (if possible) to make XMP able to be Enabled in the BIOS. Either way, the ball appears to be in their court.

    Lastly, if anyone knows, can someone pleases point me to a specs sheet of the MoBo for my make/model laptop?
    Hope all this makes sense, and I didn't ramble too much.
    Thanks all.

  • MikeKacharMikeKachar Member Posts: 2 New User
    Just to give an update on this...
    I, too, had used the Crucial scanner to see what RAM I could upgrade my 2 x 8GB (16GB total) sticks to, & I was informed that I could upgrade to 64GB (2 x 32GB sticks).
    I was leary at ordering their 64GB Kit (DDR4-3200) at first, but then I looked into their return policy, and since I was going based off of what their tool had told me that my machine supported, it didn't look like returning the 64GB Kit was going to be an issue if things didn't work out.
    Just to note - according to Acer's own spec sheet, my machine (Nitro 5 AN517-54-79L1) supports up to 32GB of RAM.

    So I pulled the trigger and ordered the 64GB Kit from Crucial (unfortunately their Crucial Ballistix 64GB Kit (also DDR4-3200) is out of stock - I wanted THAT Kit, with a CL of 16, vs a CL of 22, which is what the Kit is that I received).

    Anyways, I finally received my order. I popped them in my machine and WOOHOO!! I now have 64GB of DDR4-3200 RAM installed :)
    I'll be giving this RAM to my step-daughter, as we both have the same laptop, & I've already purchased a 64GB Kit of DDR4-3200 Kingston Fury Impact (which will bring it down to a CL20 vs the CL22 of the Crucial).

    Hope this info helps someone out there!
  • ben1985ben1985 Member Posts: 5


    I too encountered this issue and performed extensive testing with various memory modules (Crucial CT16G4SFRA32A, Crucial CT16G4SFD832A, and Samsung M471A2K43EB1-CWE) in an effort to determine the root cause and (hopefully) propose a solution. Whilst installed in isolation (i.e. single channel), all of the memory modules operated at the correct frequency and timings (i.e. JEDEC #13). However, whilst installed in combination (i.e. dual channel), this wasn't the case, even when the architecture (i.e. NOT brand and model) of the memory modules was identical. Ultimately, the brand and model (and subsequently, the architecture) of the memory modules needs to be identical to operate at the correct frequency and timings (i.e. JEDEC #13) in dual channel.
  • danghaibangdanghaibang Member Posts: 1 New User
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    I have same issue, currently my config ram using same Kingston KVR32S22D8/16 but with different DRAM Manuf. It also show only 2933MHz in Cpu-z and task manager. It seem like ram timming JEDEC#11 was set by default in dual channel, when I expected JEDEC#13.

  • ben1985ben1985 Member Posts: 5


    I have same issue... Kingston KVR32S22D8/16...
    As mentioned in the post directly prior to your own post, the brand, model (i.e. part number), and associated architecture of the memory modules needs to be identical. This is a failing on the behalf of Kingston, as they really shouldn't be selling the same model with variations in architecture and components, which is an anti-consumer practice (they've done this on prior occasions with their SSD products). Ultimately, the only way you can truly guarantee that the memory modules will operate at the correct frequency and timings (i.e. JEDEC #13) in dual channel is by purchasing a kit (as opposed to ad-hoc purchasing the individual memory modules).
  • Fish_CurryFish_Curry Member Posts: 1 New User

    This ***** is so crazy.. I have ANA515-57. I never knew acer would making such a thing. So I had a preinstalled ADATA 8gb 3200mhz stick pre installed but as you guys know that iris xe eats 4gb from it so I bought another 8gb crucial 3200mhz stick and thought that now I have 16gb @ 3200mhz but to my surprise it showed 2933mhz and I was shocked so I searched online and saw this thread. Then later while reading this thread somebody said that it needs to have 2 identical sticks to work in same frequency in this laptop (which is mind boggling and STUPIDDDD) so I said at least I have 16gb ram to work with now. But after some days I realised that had bought an MSI laptop before which my brother is using now and I had upgraded the same in that laptop as well so I jolted and exchanged ram of that laptop which I upgraded and used it in mine. But let me tell you how acer is scamming their customers. check out the images

    This is the RAM that I have.

    I mean what the hell!! I have 2 sticks that are same but still it wont give me 3200mhz.

    Also their bios is so stupid they don't even give options for anything. You can't change ***** in bios.. Even tried the bios unlocker thing. This is just disappointing.

    Feeling like I made a mistake going with ACER.. I could have bought ASUS or MSI KATANA or something else instead of going with this one. This thing even has the display flickering issue which I came to know later. Disappointing purchase.

  • KevinTunaKevinTuna Member Posts: 14 New User

    Anyone find an answer for this? Is it possible to get two matching sticks to get to 3

  • KevinTunaKevinTuna Member Posts: 14 New User

    Wondering if anyone has added two identical, matching sticks of 8gb ram and managed to get them at 3200mhz.

    Two sticks that aren't the same part number will only run at 2933mhz, would love to know if anyone has hit 3200mhz on two matching sticks before I keep buying more ram.

  • LohitBLohitB Member Posts: 1 New User

    Has this issue been fixed in new BIOS patches, my laptop is running V1.17.

  • PurawPuraw Member Posts: 1,733 Community Aficionado
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    There are at least 8 different persons posting on this 16 months old thread and there probably will be very few answering your questions unless you indivudually start your own threads. Thanks😉

    BTW DDR data frequency is twice its clock frequency, it’s often referred to using the term MT/s (mega-transfers per second)



    25600 MB/s

    if you insert a DDR4 3200 MHz module in you laprtop you will only see 1600 MHz in Task Manager when you insert 2 identical DDR4 3200 Mhz modules (everthing the same CL, brand PC4 etc.) you may see up to 3200 MHz in Task manager (called Dual Channel) multiply by 8 to get MB/s.

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