Acer Chromebook Spin 713 brand new and won't turn on for the first time

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I just got my laptop, fully charged it but can't figure out how to turn it on. I've tried pushing the power button once. I've tried holding it in until the count of 3. Any other ideas? Thanks!

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    To turn on please press the power on button, once you see the light  release the finger from the power on button.     It will turn on .. 

    If you keep on holding the power button , computer will automatically turn off. 

    Please also try the steps which are mentioned below:

    Connect the charger to laptop and turn it on. 

    Try to bypass the surge protector and to connect it directly to power outlet and check .

    Try to connect the charger in a different room on a different outlet and check. 

    Unplug all the cables on the laptop,  hold the power button for 1 min, connect the power cable back and turn it on

    It should work fine.. 

    If it is still not working, try to use the computer without the charger and check.

    If your laptop is in warranty you can contact the warranty dept.     Go to the website - chose your country.   On the new page - scroll down -  click on "contact support".  Scroll down.  You can find the phone no to contact the warranty dept. 

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    None of the above suggestions worked
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    First, which Spin 713 model is it? It should be something like CP713-xxx-xxxx and the full model number should be on the same sticker as the SN and SNID. Next, what happens when you plug the charger in, do you get any lights?
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    hello i have a acer chromebook spincp713-2w series

  • mallikiimallikii Member Posts: 4 New User

    and when trying to charge this laptop a blue light shows for a second, then turns orange color, i have tryed your suggestions an none of them worked, any other suggestions?

  • If you tried all the suggestions above, then you probably pressed the power button too many times and have caused a frozen lock of the power stage and/or even damaged the button? If you are computer savvy and patient, then you need to open the laptop up and do a "Hard Reset" which requires you to take the back cover off and disconnect the main battery. If you haven't opened a laptop before "don't do this job" and send your laptop to Acer support in your area, as I don't recommend that you open this laptop yourself.

    If you have experience opening a laptop, do this:

    1. Remove nine (9) screws from the base cover
    2. Carefully pry up the base cover starting from the upper right edge side to release the latches. Then continue releasing the remaining latches on the upper, left, right, and bottom sides
    3. Grasp and remove the base cover from the system, see screw size below

    Remove the Battery

    1. Find the battery pack (A) on the top assembly
    2. Detach the tape (B) securing the battery cable to the mainboard connector.
    3. 3. Detach the transparent mylar (C) securing the battery cable and keyboard FPC

    Remove the battery pack from the top assembly and check the power button

    Leave the battery pack disconnected for 2-3 minutes and then reconnect all components, then and after connecting the main battery, make sure that either the Orange or Blue lights are on THEN PRESS the POWER BUTTON #4 once to turn the laptop on. If that doesn't happen, then you need to take your laptop to Acer for them to fix this laptop as you have a problem with the On/Off button switch, and it needs replacing.

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