UMA frame buffer size setting is BIOS Aspire 7

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Hi Team,

I have Acer Aspire 7 Ryzen 5-3550H with GTX 1650 model. 

I would like to say thay the Vega 8 Graphics of the Ryzen CPU is consuming 2.1GBs of System memory which is not ideal. Since the model has a discreet graphics with 4GB of it's own VRAM, I don't think the Vega 8 Graphics need 2.1GBs of System memory for it's operations as heavy tasks will be handled by GTX 1650 itself.

I would like to request the team to provide the UMA Frame Buffer Size settings in the BIOS as other manufacturers like ASUS do, so that we can change the default setting of the Vega GPU from Auto to a fixed size of 256MB or 512MB.

According to this article by AMD: amount of shared system,graphics performance in some games.

The Vega 8 Graphics is at its default Auto setting.

Please provide an update for the BIOS so that users can change this setting as System memory is more important then the occupied VRAM by the Vega 8 which is useless I guess.