Trying to replace thermal pads on acer Nitro AN515-52

StreamSniperis Member Posts: 15 Troubleshooter
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Hello can i replace thermal pads with arctic thermal pad thickness 0.5mm would that be enough model:Nitro AN515-52

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  • AnhEZ28
    AnhEZ28 ACE, Member Posts: 2,993 Pathfinder
    If you had it, you can try, but 1.0mm pads are recommended
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  • StreamSniperis
    StreamSniperis Member Posts: 15 Troubleshooter
    Didnt even have to replace them they were fine but i did replace my thermal paste with liquid metal laptop runs way quieter less temps and +20fps to +40fps
  • Radical70
    Radical70 Member Posts: 1 New User
    edited September 2021
    was it difficult i am having problems with mine running very hot even just cruising the web.Acer say it's probably thermal paste failing it's only a year old 8 days out of warranty..bit ***** really isn't it a year old and thermal paste failing is it a problem with these?? if i play assasins creed valhalla nightmare
  • StreamSniperis
    StreamSniperis Member Posts: 15 Troubleshooter
    just watch these videos and its not rlly difficult it just takes time and u better apply some safety measures to the cpu and gpu like conformal coating and tape 33+ or 88+ they both do good high resistance to heat like 105+ by the way clean ur fans just take ur time when applying liquid metal do all the research u need my pc was running hot af went up to 100 now max was 79

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