Windows 10 Error

FiloWrld Member Posts: 3 New User
While I was clean installing with usb. I was setting my windows and this image popped up I never had this happening until now. I havent even finished setting up my windows I couldnt skip it


  • GAMING6698
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    I think USB bootable media didn't created properly.
    If you have any another Windows system then create installation media again 
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  • Easwar
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    Hi FiloWrld,

    # Try to get the BIOS page.
    1. Turn OFF the unit.
    ​2. Press and hold the F2 key and turn on the unit. 
    3. You will be in setup utility page. 
    4. Once you got the screen release the F2 key.
    5. Tap on F9 key and hit enter key without changing the option.
    6. Tap on F10 key and hit enter key without changing the option.
    7. Your unit will restart by itself. 

    Check this T/S and post the result. ​