Aspire E15 screen all of a sudden has white and grey lines all over it (Laptop: e5-523g-958x)

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Nothing happened. This just started happening. Laptop 2.5 years old. Takes a while for it to be in the right angle to work again. A huge pain. Works fine with HDMI to TV.

Weirdly, log in to laptop screen works fine. Then soon as I am in it does this. 

Laptop: e5-523g-958x

What's the fix? Is there one?

Had many issues with this laptop from the start. ACER had to repair things right off the bat and that's with it being bought brand new, too.


  • Nice4What
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    I should add: when I pull the left side of the screen forward it works til I let it go.
  • JackE
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    You likely need a new LCD video cable due to wear and tear of opening and closing the lid too much. Less than $20usd. Cable usually develops wire or conductor breaks in the cogested hinge assembly. Sometimes simply reseating the mainboard and screen connectors work by helping to clean their contacts.

    Jack E/NJ

  • Nice4What
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    I actually almost never close the laptop over. I just set it to sleep and leave it open.

    As for the cable, does that need to be put inside the laptop?
  • ttttt
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    I believe it is poor/loose connection. Open up the laptop to check connections or have an experienced technician do that for you.
  • JackE
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    Yes it needs to be opened whether or not you change the cable or simply re-seat both connectors to clean their contacts.

    Jack E/NJ

  • Easwar
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    Hi Nice4What,

    Are you getting the same screen in BIOS page also.
  • KH21
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    Hi Nice4What,

    Did you work out what is the cause of your display problem? Was it the cable or the screen that require replacing?

    I have an e5-523g-95nv that had similar issue before the screen goes completely dark in 2017 when it was just over a year old. I have to put a bright flash light up against the screen now to read it. I am currently trying to fix it up and pass it to a family member who only occasionally jump online.

  • billsey
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    The symptom of putting a bright light up to the screen and seeing faint indications of the normal display is caused by the backlight to the display not being energized. Typically the only fix for that is a screen replacement, since the backlights aren't a separate part from the rest of the screen. Acer sourced the screens from multiple vendors, so there are several different part numbers. They are interchangeable:

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