Anyway to get windows 7 fresh install back on my ancient timeline 1830t?

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I've got the serial number but no install disc. I've gathered a repair and install disc but neither were of any help. Either they're both corrupt or my windows 7 is beyond repair. Windows gave me the installation copy I have that doesn't work a couple years back but no longer are being so nice despite having my serial number. 


  • billsey
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    Nope, I believe Acer pulls the recovery images when the OS goes out of support, and W7 has been there for quite some time. Since you have the CD Key you can likely use a downloaded W7 image to reinstall from scratch, but you might find just installing W10 will be easier to get up. Or replacing it with a more modern system...
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  • SporadicThought
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    You can download the ISO here. You must be very careful to select the correct edition and type of Windows 7 or the serial number won't work. I believe the tool from the link I provided allows OEM copies. you can typically find the Windows 7 sticker on the device or in the documentation that came with it. The sticker will describe the edition, OEM/Retail status, architecture. If you don't have it, you might have to try a few downloads to get a good activation. Don't shy away from actually calling in to activate, it tends to succeed. That is the activation where you call in with the long code and the prompt gives you a long number back.