GUIDE Install ExpressCache for SSD Caching



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    A very interesting topic. MuadDib, thank you very much for sharing this valuable information with us!


    The original post of MuadDib is now almost a year old. When searching for ExpressCache I found multiple newer versions. The newest I found is 1.3.1. Available through the forums of SanDisk. Does anyone here have experience with ExpressCache versions above the one that MuadDib is using? (1.0.94)



    Very interesting what you did. But what is wrong with ExpressCache?  A speed comparison with both Intel Smart Response Technology and ExpressCache would be really nice, but a lot of work. But there must be a reason why Acer payed for ExpressCache instead of using the free Intel software. And other manufacters are also using ExpressCache. And the other thing is that if you have windows installed with AHCI, you have to re-install it with bios on raid for your method to work. But I would love to see more results of your method. I appreciate the good work!



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    Can you share a screenshot of Disk Management to see the size of the original partitions?



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    Good morning!
    I formatted my Acer M5 and installed windows 7.
    I managed to set my SSD as a cache but I can not use Intel Smart.
    When I type in cmd "ECCmd -info" says the cache is working.
    But the BIOS does not have RAID and also the Accelerate button does not appear in the intel software.


    What can I do?
    I have to create a partition for Intel Smart?

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    I got the same here. I can't change the sata to RAID. Only ACHI or IDE were available.


    Another issue is taht I can't start the boot from dvd drive. Even if I choose this on bios. I've already enabled the option to choose the boot, but again, only shows the windows boot partition. How can I change this?


    Sorry for my poor English.

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    I have an Aspire M5-481T

    For a long time I was searching the internet for a solution to use my password as a cache and I did not get any solution. Thanks to these instructions I could achieve it, activate quick start and squeecache and my laptop works much faster, I thank you very much, it would be good to make a video tutorial since many people by what I see are wrong following the steps.
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    Thank You for post. The manual help perfect, immediately working after set. Very easy, only monkey can´t set it.

    Must be set in BIOS AHCI! Not RAID, because when have only 2 disks in RAID (see 1 then), no more other HDD/SSD for caching. Must be like HDD 500GB in AHCI and the 24GB SSD set to cache. I buy Acer Aspire S3 with only 500GB HDD and buy for 3 dollar an 24GB Kingston mSata SSD. Yet fast loading Windows and Photoshop too.
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    Aeverton said:

    First, forgive me the wrong english, because I'm writing in the Google translator.


    Well, I followed the step by step everything right, however when I type the

    "info" appears an error message: "you have not the enough privilege to run this program"

    ECCmd ** ERROR ** exited with error 0x5 (5)



    Please can you help me? Smiley Sad

    He say: RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR!!! When have disabled the UAC, not help. Still must run with right click mouse and click on to RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR.