Battery charging problem Aspire A715-71G-55KS,



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    JackE said:

    Was it perhaps under intensive CPU/GPU or GPU load at any time during this period? The reason I ask is that if the power demand  exceeds the charger's power output, the battery kicks in to meet the demand. At those times, the battery is draining even though it's plugged in.
    There was high CPU load, it could be a possible explanation. I haven't notice battery discharging in the past, the charger is the original and supposed to be 19 V*7.1 A = 135 Watt.

    If it persists tomorrow, maybe I will try removing the battery and see if it works.

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    >>>If it persists tomorrow, maybe I will try removing the battery and see if it works.>>>

    That might not be a good idea if you intend to heavily load up on the charger alone or on the battery alone. You risk a sudden shutdown if either alone can't meet the power demand though the new battery should probably do better than old one did by itself in power delivery.  The charger, while it can theoretically deliver 7amps @ 19v, it must autoswitch down to 15-16v to match the battery & mainboard requirements. So not sure if it can  deliver  the amps needed to keep the system going full tilt.

    Jack E/NJ

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    Hi Every one !

    I have the same laptop & I do have the same problem has anyone figured out a solution yet?

    @George0 @JackE

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    I just registered to share this experience I had.

    Okay so I had this problem for years and just muted system sounds and ignored it for so long with my A715-71G and I think I have accidentally found the solution just now cause while I was fixing another issue with the Windows 10 search bar crashing, I think I fixed my other issue with the battery continuously starting and stopping from charging. after I followed instructions on a video on how to fix the search bar crashing issue. It did not work but somehow fixed this issue with my battery charging from starting and stopping. HAHA!

    The instruction was to run CMD on Admin and put this line: DISM /ONLINE /CLEANUP-IMAGE /RESTOREHEALTH

    Wait for it to go 100% then move to the next step with Powershell

    Press Start> Go to Windows PowerShell folder> right-click Windows PowerShell (Not the other ones with an extra letter or numbers) Rund as admin> Put this line Get-AppXPackage | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register "$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml"}

    Credits to Tricknology although it was not the issue he is trying to solve on the video it fixed this for me XD

    Hope this works for everyone and please do let me know if it worked on your laptops as well. Happy New Year!