Aspire One 756 System Lock-up / Blank Screen / System Freeze

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Aspire One 756 / Dual Boot Windows 10 & Lubuntu 18.  If the netbook gets jostled (moved from lap to desk / desk to lap) the Screen goes blank.  The back-lighting of the screen is still visible, fan still running, and power light illuminated.  No combination of key-strokes have an affect.  Holding down Power Button will NOT shut system down (Tried numerous times up to 60 seconds).  Only way to resume is to remove power cord and battery.  Happens in both Windows and Linux.  UEFI/Bios is most current


  • billsey
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    So a lock up that halts the long press power off is pretty major. The only thing I can think of that could cause that is a hardware error in the power enable circuit. We don't typically have schematics available but there is often a block diagram:
    As you can see, the power on/off circuit is pretty isolated from the rest of the motherboard circuits, it just monitors the power button with a timer in order to tell how long it has been pressed. Either the timer isn't working or the power button isn't closing it's contacts (or maybe it's bouncing while pressed, so looks like you're hitting it over and over again).
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