AH101 Mixed reality headset no longer recognized by windows.

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It used to work in the past, I have played for hours and purchased multiple games to play with my headset.

One day the computer no longer recognizes the headset and it just shows as a usb device that couldn't be recognized as an alert in the bottom right of my pc.

I fiddled some cables and it worked again, just to stop working like an hour later mid game. Everything just turned into black and the device couldn't get recognized ever again.

The only thing that I can recall happening that could influence this was a windows update.

I already reinstalled windows (keeping my files) and I really don't want to do an actual full reinstall that deletes everything for the device to maybe not work anyway.

What can I do? Is there any way to help my pc recognize the headset? I already tried multiple usb ports and I connected the headset to another pc and it worked on that other pc.

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    Some of the newer Windows updates seem to corrupt the data between the USB and OS, including internal only USB ports. It typically fixes itself after a while, but sometimes 'a while' can be days or weeks. Have you other fast enough USB ports to try it on? (IIRC you need 3.0 or faster for that link.)
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