Please help, I forgot BIOS password of my ACER Predator helios 300 PH315-53

AhmedSakr Member Posts: 1 New User
several months ago, After I bought my ACER Predator helios 300 (MODEL PH315-53-76HS) and turned on the computer for the first time , it asked me to enter a password for the BIOS
I forgot my password and I couldn't remember the password, I can't login to edit my BIOS settings any more
I could not log in and remember the password and after many attempts it gives me a message with key as seen
Please help to solve the problem of resetting the BIOS password

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  • Leostat
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    The only thing we are allowed to suggest is to raise a rma request and ask the service centre to remove it I'm afraid
  • billsey
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    Yes, it has to visit the service center for them to remove the password for you.
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  • Manny-Acer_Retired
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    Hi AhmedSakr,

    Unfortunately, we do not allow/provide direct support or discuss any steps on unlocking BIOS passwords or bypassing of security features. (Please check/ review our 
    Acer Community User Agreement

    BIOS password removal can be done only by the authorized Acer repair location. We are unable to provide instructions on how to remove the password. Please contact Acer support in your region for better assistance:

    Note: We will be closing this thread. 

    Thank you for your patiance,

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