Issue with battery i have been facing since purchase - aspire 3 a315-55g-549b

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laptop is acer aspire 3 a315-55g-549b (i5-8265u cpu,nvidia mx 230 gpu, 8 gigs ram, 1TB HDD) my laptop battery was working really poor almost about an year now, i didnt notice this issue first time when i bought cause i thought the cpu was power hungry.And today i checked battery health status in cmd. And it showed that my full charge capacity is 19,770 mWh and full charge capacity is 36,712 mWh . WTH is wrong?? i havent put laptop in overharge or didnt cause any physical damage to it. My friend also bought same laptop and he had the same issue on the first day itself. When on battery power, using browser(chrome/brave) battery only lasts like 30 minutes on "POWER SAVING MODE" !!!!! like WTH it wont even last 25 mins on normal mode.There is no other issue with laptop.Anyone have any fix?? should i remove back panel and check whether battery is properly connected or not or  something like that??? Please help! also my warranty period is over.


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    Just try with basic troubleshooting like battery reset and bios default. Then check with the hardware please.
    Battery reset:
    Unplug the charger cable from laptop.
    On back of laptop there will be a pinhole.
    Insert paper clip into the pinhole and press and hold for 30 seconds, then plugin the charger cable.
    Bios default:
    Keep on tapping F2 button after turning on computer immediately.
    After getting the setup utility screen, tap on F9 and give yes to load default configuration.
    Then, tap on F10 and enter to save and exit and computer will restart.
    After all these steps, try to check with the computer battery performance.
    Or otherwise check with hardware.
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