I have a problem and I need support!

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Hello dear, I’m Lorenzo and I’m having a problem with my acer PC. Since Yesterday I found it with this problems (see in the pictures). When I turn it on it don’t even show the Acer logo, it wents directly to this page. I have tried to all the 3elements, but nothing works. I have already tried pressing F2 when it starts or Alt+F10. Nothing works, I need help from you guys.


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    here are the pictures 
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    Hi LorenzoBefumo,

    In the BIOS information page is the unit HDD is showing. ​
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    The HDD is probably defective. If it wasn't a Seagate, then I would be more inclined to believe that the error might have been caused by something else. Only partial corruption is enough to cause boot failure, and some data could be potentially salvaged by removing the HDD from the laptop and plugging it in externally to another device using a USB to SATA adapter. If the files on the HDD are really important to you, then you should consider sending the drive to a professional data recovery center, but unfortunately that is very expensive and most data recovery companies are scams.
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    Since you are informing us that you are using a Acer pc,  inorder to go to bios, you need to tap del and not f2.    

    Please tap del continuously while turning on the computer.    It will go to bios.   On the info menu, please check whether you are able to see hdd info. 

    Try these basic steps as you are using a Acer PC. 

    Turn off the computer.
    Unplug all the devices and cables including power cable. 
    Press and hold the power button for 45 seconds. 
    Connect all the cables back.    Please connect the power cable as the last one.  

    Turn on the computer
    Tap del 
    Go to bios
    press f9 - Load defaults - press yes
    press f10 - save the changes - press yes

    Computer should load the windows .. 

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