Serial No and SNID incorrect in Customer self service

ChaithanyaP Member Posts: 1 New User

I'm trying to raise a complaint with my laptop. But Serial no./SNID shows incorrect in the portal. Tried both S/N and SNID, still no luck. 

Please advise.


  • Jack22
    Jack22 ACE Posts: 3,796 Pathfinder
    Turn on the unit and as soon as you see the Acer logo keep pressing the F2, so that it will take you to BIOS. In the BIOS you can see the serial number. With can you can raise a ticket or call Acer support. Check the below link to contact Acer support.
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  • billsey
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    If you are on the wrong Acer site (such as on US site when you are in the UK) the SNID won't be found. Make sure you in the site that matches your locale.
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