Hard Drive upgrade - Chrome Book CB3-532 series/Model N15Q9

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I have an Acer 15.6" Chrome Book CB3-532 series/Model N15Q9 that has a very limited amount of internal storage and I would like to know if I can upgrade the internal hard drive to at least 64 gig or more?!? I would also like to increase the amount of RAM if possible but that is not necessary...I like the laptop so much I bought 2 of them however 1 of them during an all nighter I spilled Mountain Dew all over the keyboard and now I have to use a Bluetooth keyboard to accomplish anything can the keyboard be replaced and if so, how much will it cost me, ballpark is fine???

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    Hi @BrainDamagedBudE,

    I understand that you would like to upgrade hardware of your Chromebook. As Chromebooks become thinner and lighter so do the parts inside. This design-led trade-off reduces upgrade potential. Devices that were once made with off-the-shelf socketable components are now custom designed and soldered to save space.

    The fewer “swappable” parts there are, the thinner and lighter the device can be.

    So, like almost every smartphone and tablet sold today, most modern Chromebooks are not upgradeable.

    Batteries are built-in, RAM and SSD modules soldered to the motherboard, and the cases which hold everything together designed as “unibody” and difficult to open.

    It’s not totally impossible to replace parts, of course. But you’ll need to be skilled with a soldering iron to be able to try — and remember that tampering with a device may void any warranty left on it or brick it entirely.



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    Your CB3-532 has an eMMC drive soldered to the motherboard, so the only storage expansion possible is by using the SD card slot, and that's really only useful for data. It is useful for data though, and supports at least up to 128GB sizes.
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